Slightly off topic, but fixing up chopped up map?

Hello friends, I’m wondering if anyone has had any luck applying any kind of software fix to remedy an issue I’ve been having for a few years.

I’ve got a Minecraft server I’ve been running since, I think, 0.86 or so, and every so often, I find that that map doesn’t really mesh with the generation algorithm in subsequent releases. By now, the map has been fairly broadly explored, but the interface between one user’s path while exploring, in, say, 2013, as another user explored it in, say, 2015, has created weird linear cliffs that go on for hundreds of blocks, and other jarring irregularities.

I heard about a project called MCMerge ( that was created to fix this kind of thing, but I wasn’t able to get it working myself. Has anyone been successful getting that to work for a recent version of MC? If so, is there a ‘trick’?

Secondly, I hear there is a way to force the server to auto-generate the entire map in one time-consuming process, maybe with Minecraft Land Generator (, to the boundary of how big things can get. I’m tempted, if I can get something like MCMerge to work, to auto-generate the whole map, so that I never get jarring edges again… though this also means no new biomes, ever, I suppose. Anyone have any thoughts on this matter?

I cant speak for the MCMerge program or anything along those lines since I use Overviewer for a web based map, however when it comes to filling in the map I do have some experience, I use the plugin WorldBorder like the majority of server admins. this plugin has a command /fill that creates unloaded/explored chunks it is an extremely slow process depending on the size of your world and will fill it in to the set border. Below Ive pasted an excerpt from the plugins commands page. Ive used this to fill in areas around my spawn mainly so I had a clean area for new players. You can run the command from in game, personally haven’t tried it from the webui console but I imagine it can be done. There is also the ability to pause, start, and stop the process and start it back up later on from where it left off. I hope this can be some help. As for the new biomes thing you could either expand your border in the future or manually delete chunks from the server. (Had to manually delete before because while rendering my map it found some random chunks out past my border and made my render file size enormous)

/wb [worldname] fill [freq] [pad] [force] - generate all missing chunks for this world, out to the border. The freq value is the number of times per second it will try to check/generate a chunk (default 20). For a server with players on it, you should probably stick with the default or possibly even a lower value. If you just want it to finish as quickly as possible, try 1000 or so. The pad value is how much of a buffer to add beyond your borders (default 208, should keep any more chunks from being generated by players). Specify “true” for the force value if you want to force loading of all world chunks instead of automatically skipping chunks which are already fully generated. Read below for more info.