SkyFactory 2.5.3 - Released and available via Profiles

I’ve been watching a Let’s Play of SkyFactory and decided I might give it a go. I was playing it in single player, but my son wants to give a multi-player version a go. I decided to see if I could get it working on my mineos server and came here looking for any guides. I had a read through the “Guide Ceating a SF2.5.2 Server” but when I tried to follow it, I couldn’t get the server to start. Turns out I was using an older version of mineos that had Java 1.7 installed, and one (or more) mods required 1.8. I tried to update my mineos to a newer Java, but apt was giving errors. So I took the shotgun approach and re-installed mineos with the latest ISO - which comes with Java 1.8 out of the box.

Once I had the new mineos installed, I went to the profiles and spotted that SkyFactory 2.5.3 was available from the “Feed the Beast” category. I downloaded that and started a new server. If failed after a few seconds. I had to log on to the mineos server via ssh and run “” to get the relevant files installed. After that, the server started from the WebUI. I was able to use the Curse launcher to install a 2.5.3 client and with that connect to the server.

Just wanted to make a quick post in case anyone wasn’t aware of the profile or the released version of the mod-pack.