SFTP User Accounts

Hi there,

Just started using both MineOS and Linux for the first time and am trying to give my development staff their own SFTP user accounts. However I only want them to be able to access a certain directory (/var/games/minecraft/servers). Is this possible?

Short answer, yes by using permissions.
The complex answer, yes, but it may break the way WebUI interacts with each server/account.
You may need to research the method as I’m not that apt in this myself.

Only recommendation I would give is to build a VM and play around. That way it won’t break your prod setup.

Thank you for the reply! Sadly I have no access to a VM. Instead, is it possible to create a new account for the WebUI? Then would they be able to access it via that SFTP account instead?

All accounts can log into the WebUI, however root should not as it tends to “break the system.” What I’m not sure of, and can’t remember is, if other accounts are able to make/access other servers other accounts created.

You can get a VM running on just anything with VirtualBox. I’m sure there’s other vendors, but this one’s free.

The issue I am having is with creating the other accounts

As root you can use the command
adduser account_name

Hi :slight_smile:
MineOS relies on the underlying OS’s user management, and user rights. So any user may log into the WebUI. MineOS then accesses and lists the minecraft server directories that has rights matching the user that logged in. New servers created by that user will only bee seen by that user (or users belonging to the same group).

As fornaxbeowulf said, simply adding a user with the adduser command creates a new user. You can also change user and group ownership with the chown and chgroup commands in a shell console (f.eks with SSH)

For more about users and groups take a look here: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/36845/the-beginners-guide-to-managing-users-and-groups-in-linux/