Setup scheduled pruning?

Is it possible to setup some form of scheduled pruning of restore points/archives?

I’m using mineos as a docker container in unraid, and I would like to have an automated way to prune these things, doing it manually can be a pain. I just want something I can “set and forget”, so that it’s not accumulate large amount of data. I have seen a few posts about scripts, but they are very old. And I have no idea how to make/add scripts to the docker. I’m not even sure if it’s still possible?

I don’t really understand why these aren’t in the os by default, something about the creator not wanting to be “liable” for data loss? Which is ludicrous in my mind, he could never in a million years be liable for some user deleting something they didn’t meant to delete.

Well the scripting should still work, however, it would have to be external from the WebUI. You can set up a crontab to run the script, and the script for files n the directory that was last touched/modified by a set time stamp.
You should test in an environment that isn’t “in production.” There are plenty of sites that show how to make scripts.

I’m very much not comfortable with running any kind of script outside the mineos server, if that’s what you’re saying.

Take a look at this post, it looks similar to the type of request you’re looking for. This is to restart, but may easily be transcribed to prune.
I haven’t played around with this in a while, so I don’t know if it’ll have what you want. I believe you could enter a command of your choice…