Setup Public Server?

Hey guys i need help with my server, i don’t know how i can make my Minecraft server public to everyone. I just don’t know where i should port-forward the ports? And how can i use my DNS from my router?

25565 and 8443 Port is forwarded but only on my pc (I’m using FritzBox so i need to select an IP (A device with that IP for example my PC’s IP, then i can port-forward for my PC) i tried forwarding from the IP MineOS gave me (Web) but it won’t let me do that) I don’t know if u understand what i am saying here xD But i hope u do :smiley:

Your’e on the right track :slight_smile:
Port forwardig works like this:
[external (internet) IP][port#] → [Internal (LAN) IP][port#]
And needs to be configured in your Fritzbox (modem).

For the external IP use something like to get your public IP adress
The external port is whatever you want it to be, but also the one your clients need to use
The internal IP is the one on your MineOS server
The internal port is the port number you defined in your minecraft server

Depending on your routers software you may be able to define different external and internal ports, usually we let the two match unless there are spesific blocks or reasons for that external port beeing blocked.

For more info on portforwarding and your router look here: How to Get an Open Port on FRITZ BOX Routers

Ty for the answer! I already port-forwarded 25565 and 8443 but only for my PC’s IP but i can’t port-forward for my “internet” ip this is not an option on my modem. I can Port-forward Ports for a specific device connected to my modem, like my pc, my server, my phone and so on.

And i don’t know what ip i should use for the MC server i have a DNS connected to my modem but i can’t use my ip for that it says “Perhaps a server is already running on this port”. I just don’t know what to do :confused:

Maybe there is any german admin or so? So i maybe can add him on Discord and i can show him what my problem is. I mean i can do that in english too but ye not a native like u can see ^^