Setup Forge 1.18.1-39.0.63 server

Is any chance to get Forge 1.18 server running on MineOS? When Iam trying to set up a Forge server, I’am able to download the installation file and unpack the server structure to a Minecraft server folder, but the runnable jar is not listed in the check-box on " Server at a Glance" page to run the server. I assume, that the server.jar is deeper in the directory structure and replaced by script but WebOS expects .jar in the top folder of the server directory.

Any hint how to hack this problem or am I doing some mistake? At the moment I’am running the server from command line beside MineOS, but wold be nice to have the chance to manage it from MineOS.


This has been discussed a lot. Please have a look at the no targetable jar thread.

Thanks! Worked for me.