Setup Automated Commands from server.config?

Is there a way to setup automated commands from server.config other than just restart, backup, and archive. I am currently hosting a standard FTB-Infinity server for my friends and small community. And I set it up so it restarts every 6 hours, I was wondering if there was a way to broadcast a message like once an hour, or like a countdown to the restart to warn them when it happens.

Automated commands work through the use of crontabs, which is a function of Linux itself.

I’ve written up a simple wiki page that outlines crontabs, but feel free to get additional insight from normal tutorials online

Notice the command ./ -d /var/games/minecraft -s servername backup

backup can be replaced not only with archive or start and stop, but also stuff, which is the command to send text to the console itself, and would be used like:

./ -d /var/games/minecraft -s servername stuff hello people on the server!

In fact, almost every function listed in is a candidate for functionality that can be invoked using crontabs and ./

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