Setting up on ESXi

Setting up MineOS on ESXi. Few questions.

Is MineOS still up to date? The wiki suggests Turnkey is quite old? I feel like the Wiki just isn’t updated.

What version of Debian does it run on for the sake of the VM Host? 8? 9?

For a relatively small sever with max 10 players, how much CPU/RAM would you recommend allocating?

The newest MineOS release is merely a week old:

Turnkey is a stripped down debian, and still receives updates and development:

As far as I know MineOS runs on any version of Debian, as long as the MineOS prerequisites are filled (NodeJS, Java, git, rsync). Just follow the installation steops under

for a 10 - 20 person (simultaneously active users) I usually go for betwwen 2048MB and 4096MB ram. I usually end up on the higher end after a while (due to map size and number of active files).

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If you download the preconfigured ISO’s, you’ll have to update MineOS using the instructions in the Wiki.

You can also activate WebMIN if you want a graphical user interface (WebUI) to keept turnkey itself updated. You really do not need to, since you can update Turnkey through SSH and putty

I running it on debian 10, I added webmin and the MineOS prerequisites after using the guide mentioned above. This suited my purposes slightly better as there were one or two additional roles I needed for the server. Seems to work fine on ESXi. I also setup the TKLBAM backup to amazons3 even though it isn’t strictly turnkey linux anymore. I agree with the 2-4GB of RAM guide. Mine started at 2GB but is now at 4GB.

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Will the 2MB - 4MB be ok for FTB modded servers also? Been running a Vanilla server with up to 12 simultaneous players on 4GB with no problems, but wanting to go to the DireWolf FTB server. Didn’t know if the server would require more memory or not.
As a side question, is there an easy way to make sure everyone is using the same version as the server? I played on another FTB server for a while and finally quit because I got errors about different versions of mods and it got to be a real hassle trying to get everything to match.