Setting up and starting a pocketmine server

I am having trouble setting up and starting up a pocketmine server.

Setting it up:
Should I use “normal server” or “unconventional server” settings?

Port settings:
Searching around, I found that (on a setup thread for pocketmine on the non node Mineos needed to open for another port. Is this still necessary? I reckon so. And how do I define this port in the MineOS web-panel?

Both “pocketmine” profiles download correctly, and are copied to and written into the server.config file depending on which profile I select and which .phar file I select. However pressing start nothing happend. I see this in the mineos.log for each time I have tried to press “start”:

{“level”:“info”,“message”:"[FrodosPocket] received request “start”",“timestamp”:“2015-09-08T23:58:27.909Z”}

Searching around I found that I seems to need the pocketmine-php profile “PHP_5.6.10_x86-64_Linux”. Downloading this spits out this error:

“Download failed
Successfully downloaded, but failed to extract

I am running Mineos Node on Ubuntu server 14.04.1. Do I need to install any php modules/libraries? Or is there any other modules or libraries I should check that I have (and if missing install)?
Help please?

I’ll look into this further.

To answer your first question, yes you want to use ‘unconventional server’. “unconventional server” is just another way to say "doesn’t use".

The MineOS webui does not deal with firewalls; this helps keep it distro-agnostic. So, any port you choose in MineOS for Pocketmine will immediately be working; Ubuntu by default doesn’t enable any firewall rules, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

No, for the last issue, “download failed”, I’m not sure why this happened. I’ve been able to download this profile successfully in the past and it hasn’t changed in the codebase recently, so I’ll look deeper. With the error happening where it did (on the extraction part), it is not likely anything related to php or libraries missing–it hasn’t yet gotten to that part at all by then.

Hi again.

After even further experimentation I found my culprit:

The pocketmine-PHP profile wouldn’t unpack correctly because my intallation has /var/games/minecraft mounted from a CIFS share on my Windows fileserver. I did that because that meant I did not have to think about how much space the minecraftservers grew to need, or how much space the archives gobbled up.

It also meant that pocketmine refused to start. After moving all active server files to a local installation everything started up as it should.

@hexparrot: as this is linux/windows/CIFS filesystem behaviour, and not something due to MineOS I pull my request back. Sorry for the faulty bugreport.

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