Setting up A Minecraft BEDROCK Server using MineOS Turnkey server not accessible

I am new to both MineOS and Minecraft as have never played it. However I am trying to setup a Minecraft server based on Bedrock for my son and his friends can play together as they’re all on different platforms (Xbox, PC and Switch), so far I’ve managed to setup the server and login to the server.

In order to test that the server is working I’ve been trying to connect from my own Nintendo Switch and providing the server details (IP&Port) but get a Connection impossible error message.

I currently can’t test otherwise as I don’t have any other version available to test.

Any idea of why I can’t connect using the Switch, do note that I’ve done all the necessary setup on the server and have also open the relevant ports and done the port forwarding on my firewall.

Thanks in advance for your help

Annoyingly, last I checked, you can’t directly connect to a server from the switch, or any other console. The only supported method is using a realm.
For consoles you’d have to utilise a dns proxy workaround to enable access to a self-hosted bedrock server.
Super annoying!


Thanks for the info, I thought the whole purpose of Bedrock Server was to allow multi-platform gaming, how come a workaround needs to be used?
Can you tell me where I can find more information on the DNS workaround? if that consist of setting the DNS server manually on the Switch, I’ve done that following a tutorial I saw on Youtube but no joy either so if you have any other hints, I’m willing to give them a try.

Yes, multi-platform using Realms or be a supported server (not sure how that works exactly).
Yes the DNS hack on youtube, can’t guarantee it still works, but I would expect it should.
I assume there are differences for hosting a bedrock server on MineOS TKL @Tucks can you assist?
At the least I assume a different port might be required, if so the firewall would need to be modified to allow the correct port.
The following is basically the method I used many moons ago.

also found Tuck’s thing here -

Thanks EIPres, I must be doing something completely wrong as I’ve tried both and no joy. Will need to restart again…

Can you connect to it from a windows computer on your network?

That’s my next thing to try but need to purchase the windows version first! :grin:

Hi all and Merry Xmas to you all! Got a Java version for my son for Xmas and we’re just trying out, and no luck, the server shows as up with profile 1.19.3, the java version in use 17 (Minecraft_server.1.19.3.jar) and can’t connect either on local mode or over the net, despite showing on the pc screen the server.

I’m getting an error message stating failed connection to the server, connection delay expired; something must be wrong with how I set the server up but can’t see what right now

Ok, managed to get the computer to connect over the lan so that’s working, will need to test over the net and also take the time to see what I can do to get the consoles connected to a Bedrock server as that what my kids and their friends use the most.

If you got Java, you also get windows bedrock version, so you can test the lan connection.
If it works it would have to be either port forwarding on your router or possibly your isp blocking connections.
If the port isn’t 25565 it could be firewall on the mineos server.

Hi EIPres,

Thanks fo the information, I’ll give it a shot this weekend and revert back if not working.