Servers automatically restarting and nonresponsive UI


well, well, well. verrrry interesting.

one of the issues i had now resolved, was identified by iMelsom as the ‘fireworm’ issue documented here:

clearly i can only say the fireworm issue was resolved for me and may not apply to your good self.

your post has shed some light on what was happening to me and related to what i can and can not do going forward. i never saw this until now, so thanks for your inadvertent help to me.

@Sir hexparrot
the best recap my limited command of things that may or may not apply to others that did end up applying to me had to do with permissions my SFTP client was changing as it handled files and most importantly had to do with how fireworm changed filenames as it handled files for example a file named yada_Yada could be handled and written back as Yadayada (an exaggerated example) simply because fireworm was unable to have any command of syntax by default.

AND i do think there was a commit upgrade also around the same time that put to bed issues as well.

to sum up i had to:

  1. be very carefull how SFTP was used.
  2. important, use very simple server names when creating servers. no underlines, no caps, no spaces and not too many characters.
  3. keep MineOS commit updated.

my proven results have been multiple instances of very heavily modified forge servers (FTBInfinity for example) all running together so stable for hundreds of hours, weeks at a time, no more re-booting servers every 12-24 hours like before.

Good Luck with your issues, Zone!



@hexparrot what’s the status of this issue?