Server won't launch?


I’m currently trying to get a minecraft realms world to run on my freeNAS system. I can get a vanilla world running fine, but once i copy over the realms world and press start on the server, it shuts itself down after a couple seconds. Can anyone shed any light on what might be causing this?

server crash log:
server log:

scratch that, i have found and resolved the issue.
The user/group for the world folder got copied and so mineos couldn’t access it. a quick chown to fix the ownership has resolved this issue.

I am also a freenas user and having some issues getting my servers to launch!

Did you find that clicking the “start” button did nothing? If so what are your chhown commands that resolved this :slight_smile:

No, clicking the start button worked for me (after accepting the eula that is, before that its a bit buggy). The issue i had was that the server would shut itself down again after 2-3 seconds. I did find that MineOS didnt really like having the world stored somewhere else on the network (via mount points), maybe that is your issue?

(the chown command was “chown -Rv 199:199 world” btw, but as i said i dont think its applicable for you)

Unfortunatly I have used the standard directory and not changed anything, Multiple clean installs and the start button weirdly does not work still.

Sucks because before decided to clean install after initial set up to test it was all fine.