Server will only start manually and not through panel

So I have a FTB infinity server. After a LOT of work, I got it to actually run, BUT it only runs if i manually run the SH file. When I run it through the webui it just crashes instantly and leaves no log. Would there be any way to make it so that when I click start in the webui, the server gets run with the file? Also, when I start it manually it does not show as running in the webui.

Most likely cause:

you were logged in as root as when you ran these commands from the console, breaking the webui’s permissions to run a server

If you ran or you ran it with manually, e.g., java -jar ..., then root will end up making files and owning files that the user you’re logged into the webui cannot edit or lock.

This is never the proper way to run anything in MineOS. Read the Understand what it does, then take the configuration you agree with from the file and put it into the webui, so that memory, etc. matches as you want it.

I only ever logged in as root for the actual installation. I disabled root access afterwards due to not wanting to make this mistake. The problem ended up being that I have 2 different users and the file was read only for the user that was running the web panel. I just changed the permissions of the files within the folder so that any user could read and write. That seemed to have fixed it. Now my only problem is SUPER loud fans, but that just seems to be something with the server itself.

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