Server will not launch with new 1.13

I have a MineOS running on unRaid on my home server.
It runs fine under 1.12.2 but now I’m trying to update to 1.13 and when I hit “start server” nothing happens at all.

Admittedly, I’m a bit new to this, but any help would be appreciated.

I’m having the same trouble here, with 1.13. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, and also new to this. I’ll update if I find anything out.

Check the new .jar file that was downloaded. I had to go to ( and get the new 1.13 jar and place it in the /var/games/minecraft/profiles/1.13/ folder as well as my server folder. Hope that helps, mine started after doing this but YMMV.



I got mine working today using the following steps on a FREENAS iocage setup:

  1. Loaded Freenas webui
  2. Opened Shell
  3. Typed iocage console mineos (where mineos was the name of my jail)
  4. Typed cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/[the name of my 1.13 server]
  5. Typed wget -O minecraft_server.jar
  6. Refreshed my serverlist in the top right hand side of the mineos webui
  7. Opened my new server in the mineos webui and selected the newly made minecraft_server.jar from the list of available server files
  8. Started server

For none FREENAS peeps it’ll be similar steps, in shell or command line - get to the server folder and run step 5 :slight_smile:

Edit: If you navigate to /var/games/minecraft/profiles/1.13/ as per @bacond and use the instruction in step 5, you’ll be able to make more servers without needing to repeat any of this

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Big TY !! Have a great day!

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Can anybody fill me in here with the new download–

is the URL broken? Is mineos.log reporting anything?

I got my TURNKEY Linux version working thanks to montymint’s steps. I ssh’d in to the linux and started on step 4 of the steps. Worked perfectly! Thank you all!

looks like the url at mohjangs end is not what was expected? is the live one :slight_smile:

I’m getting the same error as @montymint in my mineos.log:

{"level":"error","message":"[WEBUI] Server was unable to download file:","timestamp":"2018-07-18T23:27:49.255Z"}

Seems it’s grabbing from the wrong url.