Server use more ram with MineOS

When I run server command:
screen java -jar spigot.jar

/lag command:

Used ram: 1GB.

But when I run with MineOS:


How can I repair that?

103 players with MineOS = 10GB ram used
90 players without MineOS = 1GB ram used.

How can I change the start line?

This isn’t a bug. In MineOS, when you allocate memory that can be used by RAM, as you decide with your Java XMX value, MineOS tells java “go ahead and take all that RAM now”. When you start up Minecraft on your own, you’re leaving out that value telling java “take it when you need it”.

There is a lot of overhead involved in letting java take it when it needs it, and it needlessly slows down servers by taking up CPU cycles.

If you’re willing to give the RAM to minecraft, why not give it all–is there an issue here you’re experiencing or do you just prefer to see Minecraft use less memory?

What I should change to get better effect? Now I have 100 players online, 20TPS, 2GB Ram used. I want get this same effect with MineOS.

I want to use this method: “take it when you need it”.

I don’t understand your goal. If Minecraft is supporting 100 players, and you’re okay with it using 10GB. Why would you want it ever having less than 10GB, and the RAM in the meantime sits there, idly, and doesn’t help performance?

How can I change command line in MineOS?