Server Timing Out Everybody

I am running MineOS off my old computer using FreeNAS and every couple of hours the server will randomly kick everybody out. In the console, it will say “[Server thread/INFO]: Player lost connection: Timed out” for everyone and in Minecraft it says " Connection Lost Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" I am running off a i7 4790 with 16gb of ram. I am not sure if this is a problem with my hardware or if its MineOS or FreeNAS.

Have you attempted to use a live version off the disc or USB and see if it still boots the players? Has this issue constantly occur after the same amount of hours or time of day?

Usually when your clients loose connection, I would start with the network. Are you using a dynamic DNS where it can update your IP after the DHCP lease runs out?

I installed it directly to the hard drive all players including me are still randomly getting timed out.

When I go onto my router it says dynamic DNS is disabled.

Are you using an IP address set by your ISP? If so, then their lease time may set to renew every 3-4 hours. I recommend setting up a dynamic DNS service. The connection is getting lost between the ISP and the clients.

You can test this by connecting directly to the host locally for a few hours.

I think I figured out what the real problem is, I think that the server randomly lags really badly where to the point where people start losing connection and getting timed out from the server. I don’t know why it would be lagging because I have 10gb of ram dedicated to the server I also have a i7 4790 3.6 Ghz I dont know what could be causing the lag, any ideas?

You can use an app called top for the CLI (or htop, that might need to be installed) and see what is being used. It’s like the Task Manager for Linux.

If your MineOS is running on top of Windows (or Mac) either as a VM, FreeNAS or unRAID, then the degrading factor could be external to the server. the host OS may also have some background process that is getting hung up. Using those sorts of virtualization solutions shares resources of the host.

The only other point for the bottleneck would be the network. I’d check that as well

I had htop open on PuTTY when the server timed out and it seems like the whole system hangs when that happens and I’m not sure what is causing this to happen. I’m not sure if its hardware or anything.

You could be running into an issue with the box overheating. Do you have adequate cooling for the CPU?

Are your system running only MineOS?
Are you running a mapping software (like dynmap) to make a map over your minecraft worlds?
Are you running periodic backups?

In short: Are there any tasks starting within the timefram your lag occurs?

Yeah I have an old watercooler for the cpu and an extra case fan. Whenever I put my hand near the pc it always feels cool.

I am only running mineOS, I don’t have a mapping software and I only have 1 backup but there are usually no players on at that time.

Are you able to make a virtual machine and build it with the same setup as your current server using a different hardware? If the VM crashes then we know it’s the build and not the hardware.

Also, I suggest running a few systems checks to make sure the RAM, CPU and hard drive aren’t failing.

I would check the temp from the exhaust vents, if that is warm it’s a good thing. Otherwise, if the whole unit feels cool, then your cooler probably isn’t doing it’s job, that would definitely cause instability and a total PC restart.