Server Stop Command for Bungeecord Not Working

When I try to stop the Bungeecord server using the Stop button, I get in the console an error that says that the command is unknown. The command to stop bungee is end, not stop. Is there a way to fix this ourselves?

I hate being the guy that has no idea about the subject he’s talking to, but it would be possible to add an end option to the stop button list that also saves the last option used?

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Hey, this is totally 100% doable. I can definitely code this in. I am very sorry I had absolutely missed this post for the last 10 days. I’ll work on adding the ‘end’ button to the dropdown–though instead of adding it in for all cases, I probably want to see if I can detect Bungeecord, because for all the other (majority) of users not on Bungeecord, I don’t want them confused by a command which will be unknown to about 99% of other scenarios.

I have confidence this can be done pretty nice and cleanly. Get back to you soon.

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No worries at all. I really appreciate what you do for MineOs. Even if it’s later :slight_smile:

Hey man, anything new on this feature? :smiley:

Some time ago I tried adding this functionality but it was hideous. Trying to add new functionality for the one-off instance of end for BungeeCord was uuuuuugly. I tried finding a compromise by eventually adding the Console functionality (when “unconventional server” was checked). It allowed /end to be typed without having to switch pages over and over.

That said, time passed and apparently my mind wisened-up and I found a way to implement it in a way that extends this functionality to bungeecord + others cleanly.

I’ve now added this in the most recent commit (PR #261). You now have /end available in the dropdown next to /kill and it auto-detects bungeecord~

In fact, a lot of different commands have been added to this dropdown now, which are usuable for other, non-bungee servers!


How do we update the interface? :smiley:

Like this:

cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master
npm install
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