Server starts but immediately shuts down

Hello fellow humans,

I am fairly new to the MineOS space, mainly the surface of it. I have made a server before that ran completely fine on the most janky server I’ve ever “built.” The problem I’m having on my new Dell PowerEdge, is that when I push start, the server starts, tries to bind to my port, and fails( There is not anything else using those ports or IPs, so what am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for any help!

Which option and system setup did you use, Turnkey ISO, JM MineOS, or the node-he install? Are you running on a ‘NAS, VM or bare metal system? What values do you have for the java heap size?

I’m not sure what you mean by system setup. I used the plugin section of TrueNAS Core. Its a Dell PowerEdge T320 so a NAS. Where would I find the java heap size?

I’ve tried resetting the server and now it starts, but it isn’t possible for me to join. The server does not show up in my local network or with a manual IP. It just says “can’t connect to server.”

Why is this so hard???

The heap size is located in the WebUI and in the server dashboard. It will have the labels for Xmx and Xms.

Glad you got it working, but are you using the server address and port number in the game? I.E. domain-name:portnumber or ip-address:port-number?

oh ok. I have 35gb usable ram and Xmx is 2048 and Xms is 512. I plan to have a max of 10-15 players.
I am using a global IP address for now and I do know how to create a domain. My address looks like this:

Ok try removing the Xms and start the server

hey @Curt1s2aurus, if you have successfully run a modded version of minecraft (FTB) on the MineOS plugin in TrueNAS, let me know. I’ve been having issues getting it running, while vanilla works fine.

Modded as in spigot or different?