Server on old computer

Hi! I have and old computer that doesn’t have a HDD. Is it possible to turn it into a minecraft server?
I guess I can use a pendrive as and disk. I watched some videos on youtube where they use MineOs an d Freenas but I don’t understand if you can play with friends when they are not in the same network.

Can you give us what kind of specks it has like what cpu and how much ram.

It is a very old notebook. Couldn’t find the model on internet. Dissambling it i found that it has 2gb ram and a 2.5Ghz processor(if im not wrong). But my question if is it possible to run mineOs on an pendrive?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is you would not have a great experience doing anything. Especially running a Minecraft Server.

Yes, I supposed that was a possibility. Do you know how to do it? Because when I try to install mineOs it tells me that can’t find the hdd

Your laptop needs to support being able to boot from your flash drive/ needs to be set up to do so.

What you’re trying to do is possible, but it’s not the standard way to set it up; it deviates from the normal installation method.

And again, while technically possible, it is very likely to provide a not-great experience (slow and less intuitive usage).

If you wish to truly go down this route and explore how it works, my recommendations are these:

  1. don’t use MineOS turnkey; use a distro meant for thumbdrive usage–mineos is released as a distro but the webui functionality is not required to be used with MineOS Turnkey.
  2. does this leave you with a permanent place to save, or is your distro only working on a throwaway filesystem?
  3. determine where mineos script data will be saved, where game data will be saved.
  4. learn and install mineos scripts/webui successfully on a machine that uses normal installation methods

It is my best guess that this HDD-less computer will be difficult and trying. Again, it’s not that possible, but coming at it from a computer with no permanence and never having used the webui or installed it… it’s a bit of a recipe for frustration.

Consider a hard drive, honestly, because having only 2gb of memory for minecraft is already a huge limitation of that machine… it’s almost already outdone by raspberry pis.