Server keeps crashing when players enter the nether

My server’s specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz
16GB ram
OS: TrueNAS-12.0-U4

I have recently installed the mineOS plug-in on my truenas server and have made a modded minecraft server on 1.16.5 version, the java version of the server is openjdk 15 and the forge version is (latest).
The problem I am facing is that when a player enters the nether the whole server crushes. When I start the server again and the player joins back in the nether, the server is kinda stable since it does not shut down but there is huge delay and overall lag in the server. Also the player in the nether has a massive fps drop that drops his fps from 200 to 0 fps.
Furthermore when there are over 5 people in the server there is also huge amount of lag.

I have allocated 8GB of ram to the server.
I have a mod for better optimisation ( FerriteCore ) and I have also set the server chunks at 8.
Moreover I have -XX:NewRatio=8 on the additional java arguments.

I am looking for a solution on how to reduce the huge amount of lag and have the server running when players are both in overworld and the nether.
I am new to server hosting with mineOS and I was hoping if I could get more help here since I cant find anything that can help me in the internet.
If you need extra information about the server specs of anything related ask me in the comments.
Thanks in advance…

Hi, I got about the same issue with Truenas MineOS pluggin (I also tried to install from scratch). Mine was running on an intel Q6600 quad core 2.4ghz with 8gig of Ram. I don’t want to make bad comments about Truenas since I think this is a really great product and the Virtualisation with Iocages Jail offert a lot of good features. I still use it for most of my virtualisations needs. But, personally after messing around trying different things I ended up choosing Docker for my MineOS server. Now my MineOS server run’s on a celeron dual core, 1.1 GHz ZotacCI321 nano with 16gig of Ram with Dockers on Ubuntu and I got absolute no complaints from my son and his friends anymore. Also it’s a lot easier when it’s come to the update time. Seriously I can’t tell you why it’s working better on my Docker low end config but I don’t think this is a ressource issue that you have. I read somewhere that Docker is simply better than Jail in ressources allocation (that may explain). I also remark that I got far less fuzzyness in the WebUI since I moved to Docker. BTW I think it’s a good thing to shedule overnight restart.

Sorry that I don’t have a solution to make it happen in Truenas but personally I fix all my performance issues with MineOS server by walking away from this solution.

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Thanks for the suggestion, i will try it