Server isn't starting

Hi, my server isn’t starting, it says that the server is down and when I click on start it won’t start, there is nothing to see in the console.

Did you create the server from the web UI, or imported it?
Have you assigned the java file for it? - 2 drop-downs at the top. it looks like you might have missed the left drop-down.

Does it give a reason why it failed to start?

I created it from the web UI.
I did set the server version on 1.8.7 if that is what you mean? what do you mean with the left drop-down? on which screenshot?
btw, it seems like this is just the control panel and not the server, because the control panel is every time when I refresh different. (servers not showing, etc.)

First, you need to download a profile, then set the “change profile to” an “java file to use” to that profile. Your second screenshot.

I’ve run into the issue where the servers aren’t listed, and think that it may a commit flaw. Not sure if there is any others reporting it, as a refresh lists them. And doesn’t cause the servers from failing. (from my experience).

I haven’t got profiles under ‘‘profiles’’ in host settings?

With any undesirable behavior:

  1. what does the mineos log file look like: /var/log/mineos.log
  2. does the browser report any JS errors?

Also, confirm you have > 24GB of memory, because for a server that were trying to get running for the first time, setting it with something so high might be too much (we can’t tell, we don’t know the specs of your machine)

I bought a vps on, its not installed on my PC

It looks like this is about MineOS and not about my server, because delete server and other things on MineOS arent working as well?!

And regarding this?

It could also be a user issue and not about MineOS. We’re trying to figure out the problem; provide the information requested for troubleshooting or we’re not able to make any progress.