Server ip not working?


this suppose to to happen?


Hmm, well I did look up what the openjdk8 package name for debian is/was but I guess it’s not what it said it was (I don’t have or use the official MineOS distro anymore, haven’t used it in forever/years now, so I’m not absolutely positive on package names); try typing in apt-get install openjdk then tapping [TAB] a few times and it should show you what’s what that can be installed relating to openjdk.




which one do i install


also do you have any other forms of contact like discord, twitter etc i might have to go for now to take care of some other stuff


The one that you want/are looking for would be openjdk-8-jre or openjdk-8-jdk as I had stated earlier but it doesn’t seem to be there, so you’ll have to add it manually and continue.

Or, if you want to, you also could follow the tutorial I had posted earlier which would give you Oracle’s Java 8 over OpenJDK-8 as well as a lightweight minimalist GUI to use.

Outside of the official documentation/information contained in the links that I post I won’t really be able to help much further due to some of the differences in the configurations that I’ve used and have gotten used to.


I’ve got DIscord and Twitter, Twitter I don’t really use and Discord no one can add me to talk to me so I’d have to add you there, but I’d be able to help through that. You can dm me the name and number to add.


@Ume-Shin Juri Han#0005 is my discord