Server ip not working?


You need to be doing it from the system console/command line (typically physically via the machine itself unless you know how to use SSH for doing it remotely), not the web ui; you type those commands in and allow it to do it’s thing. How much do you know about Linux and/or command line?


how do i get to the console


[ALT]+[F1]” is one way if not “[CTRL]+[ALT]+[F1]


i know nothing about it


ok it brought it a console. i assume i just type what you showed me correct?


Yep, you login there with root (logging in as root means you don’t need the first “sudo su” command) or as mc followed by elevating yourself to root from there (using “sudo su”), and then run the remaining 2 commands.

Also feel free to checkout this tutorial if you wish for a bit more context: [Tutorial] Installing MineOS-Node on a Ubuntu/Debian based distribution with a GUI (WiFi included, covers a range of some basics)



im probobly doing something autistically wrong here


You’re missing the space in between the “cd” and the “/usr/games/minecraft”;
Each line is also it’s own line of commands (at the end of a line hit enter)



the first line worked but the second one im entering some way incorrectly?


Hmm, alright then you’ll have to update the old way since you don’t seem to have the “convenience” script yet that does it all for you; try

cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git merge origin/master
npm install --unsafe-perm



its suppose to show nothing like that? or did i do something else wrong. oh and i typed the other commands above its just my camera is small


Typically it shows a bit more, but in/when typing npm install you left out the --unsafe-perm portion (all lines typed out exactly as they are).

If it doesn’t work you may also instead try resetting:

cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master
rm -rf node_modules
npm install --unsafe-perm
chmod +x mineos_console.js



only the last command didnt do anything


It did do something, there’s just no feedback from it; restart and then after you should be able to get 1.13.x servers up and running in the web ui (restart the system or use service mineos restart to restart the web ui only)


ok so now it lets me download the version on UI thats fixed. only thing it the “start” button on the server doesnt work or i have some settings wrong maybe?


Have you selected the server jar file to run? Accepted the EULA? Messed with memory settings?