Server Icon?

Is it possible to add an option to upload a server icon?

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Can you describe in greater detail what you mean?

As of 1.7, if a picture named “server-icon.png” is in the server folder, it will show as an icon for that server on the multiplayer list.

Yeah, something a little like this:

You can set it to be just about anything you want by placing it in the server’s directory and naming a 64x64 .PNG file server-icon.png.

I have no idea if you’ve tried this out already, @Greenwave_1, but I’d be glad to test it for you. Also, you could help me out by seeing if my server icon will show up remotely, if that’s alright with you. I can PM you the address to test.

edit: spelling

Welp! I didn’t read some stuff here correctly and ended up looking like a bit of a condescending person. My bad.

Now that I understand what’s going on, I think Greenwave is asking for a feature in the WebUI that would allow you to upload a PNG image named server-icon.png to the server folder of whatever world you have up, when you’re on that world’s particular server status page. Something like that.

Of course, you could just use WinSCP or FileZilla or something and place it in the server directory. But you wouldn’t have to if you used the above suggested feature.

edit: I can confirm that MineOS supports the server-icon feature. Not that it wouldn’t; I was pretty sure it would. So, I placed the server icon

into my world directories at /var/games/minecraft/servers/serverNameHere using FileZilla, which was pretty much a cinch. Entered my server’s local IP, the username and password I use to get into my WebUI, and port 22, and I was off to the races.

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@nerdherdtnh has it right. Just thought that it would be nice for people who don’t want to mess with the filesystem itself.

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It would also be cool to display the server icon in the webui


I would support this addition.

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My attitude toward the Python web-ui is unchanged, so anything simple that would really prohibit users from learning the CLI and the inner workings isn’t likely to be implemented. However, that attitude is changed in the Node.js web-ui, where I actually find this to be a quite nice visual addition.

I’ve actually never heard of this feature before (I…haven’t played Minecraft since beta), so I’m glad you brought it to my attention. I see no reason why this would be even remotely difficult in the new web-ui.


Now implemented in MineOS-node


Cool! Nice to see this kind of response form a dev :slight_smile:

um :slight_smile: My Web-UI doesn’t seem to have changed.

Do I have to update the system somehow?

Are you using the python ui, or the new node.js?

How do I tell? I tried to post a full screenshot but it won’t upload.

Currently, zero people are using the new web-ui; it’s just not finished and ready yet. This server-icon update is mineos-node only, since I don’t make much changes to the python-based web-ui’s codebase anymore.

So, you’re not expected to see this update until you use the next version of MineOS (whose release date is yet unknown).