Server had a full drive and lost power now I’m getting an error

sh: findmnt: not found
{initranfs) findmnt
sh: Isblk: not found
(initranfs) Isblk
Isblk: not found
(initranfs) Isbik
init: must be run as PID 1
not exist.
40.576375] Not activating Mandatory Access Control as /sin/tomoyo-init does
(initranfs) init
sh: bootarg: not found
(initranfs) bootarg
for a list of built-in commands.
‘he lp
BusyBox v1.30.1 (Debian 1:1.30.1-6+b3) built-in shell (ash)
Iry passing init= bootarg.
No init found.
or directory
No such file
run-init: can’t execute
bin/sh’: No such file or directory
can’t execute
such file or directory
run-init: can’t execute
No such file or
run-init: can’t execute
No such file or
run-init: can’t execute
Target filesystem doesn’t have requested /shin init.

I don’t understand much about Linux or terminal. If you can explain why this happens and why the fix if their is one works.

I can’t help much but I believe your machine has failed to boot properly.
Possibly the drive didn’t get mounted properly.
If you can it might be a good idea to create a Live USB and boot from that to recover your server files and reinstall.

yes I encrypted the drive and cant recover that way but the server was buggy any ways I have a new one up now. Thanks any ways.

I am curious will this happen every time I loos power?

No, but there is an increased risk of it happening each time you have an unscheduled poweroff due to powerconditions.

The reason is failure to save essentials files, and opening essential locks that the OS is reliant on.

If you wish to avoid the problem you should invenst in an UPS. You need not buy a big or expencive one, just big enough to power your server long enough to have time to shut down. Most of them have USB-connectivity so that it can send a power-alert to your server, that lets it start a safe shutdown prosedure automatically if a power failure is detected.

For my server I use NUTS:
I think I used this page as inspiration, adjusting for the UPS I bought: Configuring NUT for the Eaton 3S UPS on Ubuntu Linux | Stuart's Notes

systemd is trying to initialize and find your mount drive as well as the required files the system needs when it is initializing. “int pid 1” is not even running when it needs to be and as already mentioned corrupted file structure from the power fail.

the other answers are good areas live cd as mentioned would be the first reaction when something like this happens.

So my power is stable but I had a useless flu which for some reason drew a lot of power and it’s pc from 2011. And only 250 watts. I just took it out and my server ran much smoother. Honestly this is my introduction to server and buying server parts makes no sense for me. I just optimize what I got and it works.