Server Goes Down With Mods on Forge

So when I put mods into the mods folder for the server I can get it to launch sometimes with certain ones but I have been trying to play the Plunger Mod Pack which admittedly is a very big mod pack, but one time I did have it running on MineOS. I just cant figure out why I cant get it to do it again. I start the server and it just goes down again almost instantly.

Can you send the logs so we can review?

I ended up fixing this, thank you

how did you fix it, from what i am seeing, none of the ftb packs will start. if i pick the minecraft server.jar it will start, but if i select the forge server jar file it will not. i have tried several ftb packs from the profiles, direwolf, revelations, reloaded, unstable. none of them will start. i have manually installed the new direwolf 1.16 server and it works fine.