Server files need Java8

Trying to get my minecraft server working, but i get an error in forge letting me know i need java 8, any way to upgrade mine os? Im on the freeBSD version

If you need Java8, you don’t really need to update MineOS (which is the webui), you just need to update to Java8. MineOS uses whichever java is found first in the user’s PATH variable. In most cases, this points to /usr/bin/java. (you can verify this on your own with which java at the command line).

Once you’ve determined what Java binary MineOS is opening, it’s a simple task of making /usr/bin/java point to a Java8 binary instead of a Java7 one. In most cases, this means removing Java7 entirely and installing 8.

There are walkthroughs for removing Java7, surely, as there are walkthroughs for installing Java 8 to FreeBSD. If you run into any specific issues, feel free to ask a more specific question about where you’re running into any hurdles.