Server Dropdown Alphabetical

Is there a way to change how servers show up in the dropdown list? I am using a sorting naming system and at the moment it only adds the newest to the bottom. Is it possible to change that?

@hexparrot can correct me, or give a better explanation, but I think MineOS allready do that, but only when MineOS starts (such as after a reboot or reload of the MineOS service).

For me also new servers are assigned to the bottom of the list, but only until MineOS re-reads the server directory. I think that MineOS reads the contents of that directory at startup, listing all servers it finds there. It will at that moment list all alphabetically, and assign them into an internal temporary list that last until next reload of MineOS.

To reload the MineOS webui open an SSH session to your MineOS server and use the following command:

sudo service mineos reload

This wil allow you to just reload the service, without stopping game servers or loosing uptime. (and I tested, it also reloads your server list alphabetically.


Let me give it a try. Thank you for your answer!