Server doesn't show as up when actually up

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This might be specific to the server jar you’re using. Can you specify which one you’re using–or give me as much info/urls as I might need to reproduce the issue you’re getting?

Also, I think you’re missing the -s argument to specify the server name here:

root@core games/minecraft# ./mineos_console.js -d /var/games/minecraft ping_debug -s myservername

Did not know there was an -s argument. Following this wiki page that doesn’t mention it.’s_Not_Working
And the error doesn’t mention any missing options so there is nothing to indicate the command line is incorrect.

I basically setup the VM without much configuration.
So I decided to try again. I reloaded a brand new VM from the ISO file.
This time it’s working. Not sure why it is different this time.

But the ping_debug command still fails with the -s option

root@core games/minecraft# ./mineos_console.js -d /var/games/minecraft ping_debug -s Test
[Test] Error querying property “ping_debug”
root@core games/minecraft# ls /var/games/minecraft/servers/

(I setup a simple server and named the new game Test)

I am having the same problem on a clean install today the server is running due to being to access from the MC client but for some reason it doesn’t show in the dashboard of server status. But it does show that i am using less ram then with nothing running.

i have tried the debug line you place above @hexparrot with no luck.

Here are some images aswell.

<img src=“”">
<img src=“”">
<img src=“”">

The console still reads the latest log that’s produced though
I can’t stop or kill the MC server as the ui sees it as not running so i have to reboot the whole physical server to stop it

hope this is enough info, if you need anything else please let me know.


Edit: I got the command to work but didn’t really give me much info

<img src=“”">

I’ve gotten all turned around. I’ve been looking at two different code bases over the past couple days, so I got confused between the two versions even!

ping_debug doesn’t exist for the new webui, which you’re using (node.js). So you’ll definitely want to ignore the whole ‘it’s not working page’, which was designed for the python scripts.

As far as the pinging, it’s likely failing because of the name of your server containing spaces. I totally thought that I had disallowed that, but apparently I overlooked it.

Since the server has spaces, it’s okay file-system-wise. However, spaces do not work gracefully with screen.

So it’s trying to run something like screen -r mc-Agrarian Skies, which we can see actually means it’s trying to connect to mc-Agrarian and passing Skies as an argument that isn’t the screen name.

I’d recommend you clone this server (stop server, make an archive, make a new server from the archive) and give it a name without spaces.

I’ll fix the code so that it gives warnings/doesn’t allow spaces. Thanks!

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Ok brilliant I will do that now.

Thank you.

Just ran into this myself. As you said, switching to a server name without spaces fixed the problem. Is there an issue filed for this somewhere?

Should already have been addressed–what commit are you on?

It’s certainly possible I’m on an older version. I’m using the MineOS plugin for FreeNAS 9.10. Not quite sure how to check the version of MineOS with that; it doesn’t appear to be visible in the web UI…

  1. It’s in the webui, when you click on your name in the top-right:

  1. It’s logged in /var/log/mineos.log on every server startup.

  2. It’s available through the command line.

The git commit shows as blank in the UI:

Command line is showing git as not installed:

root@mineos:/var/games/minecraft # git rev-parse HEAD
git: Command not found.

I don’t see anything immediately obvious in the logs either:

cat /var/log/mineos.log
{"level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] New file found in import directory /var/games/minecraft/import/oneworld.tar.gz","timestamp":"2016
{"level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] New file found in import directory /var/games/minecraft/import/oneworld.tar.gz","timestamp":"2016
{"level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] mcserver connected from","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:52:21.003Z"}                   
{"level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] Downloading official profiles.","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:52:21.151Z"}                          
[WEBUI] Received emit command from","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:05.810Z"}                                  
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] Discovered server","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.227Z"}                                    
{"level":"error","message":"[oneworld] Create tail on logs/latest.log failed","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.229Z"}               
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] Watching for file generation: logs/latest.log","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.229Z"}        
{"level":"error","message":"[oneworld] Create tail on server.log failed","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.230Z"}                    
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] Watching for file generation: server.log","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.230Z"}             
{"level":"error","message":"[oneworld] Create tail on proxy.log.0 failed","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.230Z"}                   
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] Watching for file generation: proxy.log.0","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.230Z"}            
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] mcserver ( joined server namespace","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:06.331Z"}     
ng","webui_desc":"Official Mojang Jar","weight":0,"downloaded":false,"filename":"minecraft_server.1.8.9.jar","version":"1.8.9","rele
ct:187"},"command":"download","level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] Received emit command from","timestamp":"2016
ng","webui_desc":"Official Mojang Jar","weight":0,"downloaded":false,"filename":"minecraft_server.1.9.4.jar","version":"1.9.4","rele
ct:182"},"command":"download","level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] Received emit command from","timestamp":"2016
{"level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] Downloading official profiles.","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:38.782Z"}                          
{"level":"info","message":"[WEBUI] Downloading official profiles.","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:53:43.989Z"}                          
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] issued command : \"modify_sc\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:06.488Z"}         
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] received request \"modify_sc\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:06.490Z"}                       
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] issued command : \"modify_sc\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:10.621Z"}         
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] received request \"modify_sc\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:10.621Z"}                       
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] issued command : \"modify_sc\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:15.006Z"}         
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] received request \"modify_sc\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:15.007Z"}                       
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] issued command : \"start\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:20.484Z"}             
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] received request \"start\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:20.485Z"}                           
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] latest.log created! Watchfile logs/latest.log closed","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:23.407Z"} 
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] Created tail on logs/latest.log","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:23.408Z"}                      
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] eula.txt detected: NOT YET ACCEPTED (eula=false)","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:26.592Z"}     
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] issued command : \"accept_eula\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:28.369Z"}       
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] received request \"accept_eula\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:28.369Z"}                     
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] issued command : \"start\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:32.777Z"}             
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] received request \"start\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:32.778Z"}                           
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] eula.txt detected: ACCEPTED (eula=true)","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:54:33.314Z"}              
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] issued command : \"stop\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:55:09.829Z"}              
{"level":"info","message":"[oneworld] received request \"stop\"","timestamp":"2016-05-31T01:55:09.829Z"}

Might just be a really crappy implementation in the FreeNAS plugin. I guess if I want an updated version I’ll have to just install MineOS myself in a jail or write my own plugin.

On my MineOS web ui the servers are not shown.

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