Server does not work

Hello, i have a mineos turnkey server and it was working and stuff. Now i posted my server on youtube and peoplr cant join. It was working before tho. Plz help

So, uh…what did you change?

What exactly does it mean ‘server does not work’–does MineOS work but you can’t start the server up? Does nothing work?

You’ll need to provide more detail before you can get useful troubleshooting advice.

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Sorry that a did not provide more information, i was in a rush and wanted to get the anwser as quick as possible.

There was a problem where people could not join the server.

It works again tho.

I dont know why it did not work, people could not join.

Heres what i did:

  • Turned static ip off
  • re - portfordwarded
  • checked “Broadcast to LAN” in the MineOS Web-UI

Mabey this helpes others!

Sorry for asking a question that I figured out later, i was
just in a rush and many players wanted to join!

And Again…

Just turned my server on and it happened again…
its offline to all websites, players cant join…


And works again…

I dont know what couses this.

I use No-IP

I checked if my server is online on a website, there you put the ip in then you see if its offline or online.

So i got my local ip and put it there. It said the server is offline.

And magicly after 2 hours, i checked again. And it was ONLINE.
So i checked if my domian from NO IP
works, but it did not work.

And then after waiting 1 hour, it magicly worked.

I really dont know why this happens bu its annoyng. Please help me!

I would have you check your router logs. Since you have an “advertised” server, you maybe getting DoS attacks. If you are, you can install DDoS Deflate. I also installed AFP, BFD and RootKit. Another item that may also protect your system is ClamAV.

Note: installing DDoS needs to be tweaked in order for it to work.

The issue may also be with your provider. They may see the additional connection request and preventing them. Many personal accounts don’t always allow individuals to host services for a large group. Unless you have a “business account” this might be the cause, but I’m just guessing.