Server crash on Raspberry pi 3 (raspbian, minecraft 1.9.4)

Hi everyone, I’m a total newbie on Linux and Rpi.
Since there are many successful cases, I thought it’s quite easy to set a minecraft server on Rpi, alone with faster CPU, I can play with more friends online.
But while I followed the tutorial on mineOS wiki and start running my server, many problems pops out…

Here are problems and how I tried to solve them.

  1. Server log on webUI does not update automatically, thus I have to manually refresh webpage to see new logs.

  2. The big problem is, the 1st time start took very very long time to prepare spawn area, almost 3 hours. I type $top to see CPU status, and it shows java used over 100% cpu while server preparing.
    This problem was solved by changing java from openJDK to oracleJRE
    It only take less than 1 min to start a new world now. But another problem has come.

  3. After the server seems stable, I use $top again, and find java only use about 30% CPU, but in a 3-5 interval, it spike to 100%.
    Some article said adding nogui while start java can solve this problem, but it does’t work in my scene.

  4. Finally, I logged in with PC, in about 3min, server just crashed.
    I went back to see server log.

These are problems annoying me a lot… Can anyone teach me how to solve them, please!

Hi Dasun_Lin,

A bit more information please.

First, Do you have any ‘mods’ installed for 1.9.4?

Second, Did you update the MineOS directly after your installation?

Third, What is you commit version?

Fourth, Have you enabled ‘root’ access on port 22 for SSH/SFTP?

Fifth, Is there any reason whatsoever to have set your java heap memory min/max so low?



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Hi tNt,
Thanks for your reply, you remind me that there are many things I should check.
Here I can only answer some of your questions because Rpi is somewhere I can’t reach now.

  1. There is no mod installed, I’m using official server.

  2. Yes, I’ve updated MineOS and WebUI as wiki tutorial says.

  3. I don’t know what is this… Is this the version of webUI?

  4. I don’t think so…maybe I will try it and see if this solve the sync problem?

  5. Rpi has only 1G Ram, therefore I think max can’t be set above 1G

Thanks again,

Hi again,

  1. Good.
  2. Good.
  3. Yes, on the top right corner of MineOS WebUI is an arrow next to your log in name. (git commit xxxxx).
  4. No. Trick question to see if you have enabled ‘root’. You have not, so that is not an issue.
  5. Correct, not set above 1gb. However you leave no memory for anything else.

I am not to familiar with your type of hardware. But others here may help.

My impression is you are underpowered but I have been wrong before.

Of note are also the ‘stack guard’ error and the crash (and “crash report”). I feel the server crashed because the server hung due to lack of memory to run, MineOS noticed a ‘tick’ was taking forever and shut down.

I hope someone here can help you better.

Edit: Keep checking back.

Good Luck!


Raspberry is a quite small little workhorse, but it might be a bit weak to take on the standard MineOS (as your problems may attest to…)

I know @hexparrot experimented with an RaspBerry a while ago (before he switched to the disourse forum format, and still used google groups as format): You can read about that here:!searchin/mineos/raspberry/mineos/yN9dwF70ZC4/7OjFy1vYKdsJ. BUT: That forum is no longer in use, so questions asked on the linked post will probably not be answered. So come back here to continue dicussing this :slight_smile:

Thank you guys for so much information!

Today I modified max tick time from 60s to -1, and the crash problem was solved!
Looks like the watchdog of Minecraft server is the cause of crash.

However…the server is still laggy, that I can barely tell it’s “working”.
I think now it’s the performance issue that remain to be solved.

It’s hard to believe that with so much improved hardware(compare to Rpi1), Rpi3 is still not able to run a small server with no mod, even reach the minimum requirements of a dedicated server.

Although, I will keep on trial and error to find if there is any way to improve server performance.

Here are few things I will try next:

  1. Run java with some suffix
  2. Assign one CPU that only process java
  3. Maybe use spigot rather than official server?

Thanks again for your help!!

Real quick I figured I’d chime in on the subject of running mineOS an a pi 3.
I would definitely use an optimized minimal OS. Currently the best available that I can be found here, DietPi. DietPi even has MineOS install setup.

Secondly I can’t stress enough you should run the server off of a hard drive instead of a thumb drive or SD card. Not only because of limited performance but storage medium failure due to high read/writes. DietPi has an option to install programs onto HHD/SSD with ez. If you end up checking out let me know here.