Server Broken - Can I extract world from the HDD?

Hi there,

I set up a MineOs system on an old mini PC for my son to play on. Unfortunately I did not setup any backups/archiving (I know, I know!) and now the machine has died. Due to it’s age, it will be quite expensive to obtain a replacement power brick.

Since I am able to remove the fully functioning HDD, can you please advise if it is possible for me to retrieve the files necessary to get this world back up and running on a new machine?

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

&TLDR: Yes it is possible.

How: Ideally you should be able to simply put your working HDD in a new machine as the primary HDD, boot it up, then begood to go. I realtiy thisis newer that simple, due to differences in hardware configurations.


  1. set up a new machine, and install MineOS on it, and test it.
  2. from the old hdd extract the folders containing minecraft server world files.
    copy all files and folders to the same location on your new install.

That should be it.

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Oh that’s great - thank you so much. Will try this ASAP :slight_smile:

You could also just put the old drive in the new machine and things should just work, and if not then with some minor modifications to a few settings (it’ll vary per-setup but it’s mainly the network/IP portion that you’d have to worry about) for the network portion and you’ll be good to go as if nothing ever happened.

A laptop running MineOS and servers is connected to a network with a static IP of; something happens, whether the laptop goes bad or you got something better to run things off of, so then you take the laptop’s drive out and put it into the new machine except for port forwarding purposes (if it’s supposed to be accessable from outside the network), BungeeCord/WaterFall where you’re required to list specific IPs and ports to listen on, and/or if your servers properties file is set to run on a specific IP that isn’t localhost/ or (or blank), you’ll either need to reconfigure all of those to a new IP or, simply change the new machine to be connected to the network with the static IP the old machine was running on, which would be