Selling Ranks help!

Hello, i would like to sell ranks on my vanilla 1.12.2 server, and its vanilla so i can not use the BuyCraft Minecraft plugin. So i want to make it diffrendly, i want to use the Rcon protocol so i can give people the rank directly after they payed. So does a vanilla server on MineOS (Turnkey) have Rcon Protocol?

MineOS Turnkey is just a Linux distribution with a webui. Whether you run a vanilla server or a modded server is up to you, through the choices you make in the webui and general configuration.

RCON can be enabled for Minecraft–it is done through the file, which you can modify from within the webui (but also from outside the webui).

MineOS Turnkey comes with a firewall, which you’d want to open up to allow RCON traffic.

Answer: yes, an RCON controlled server is possible; you’d need to set it up using instructions found on the internet, same as if you were installing on Ubuntu or CentOS or anything similar.