Scheduling / pruning

Hi there,

First of all, awesome work on the new web interface. I’ve been hosting Minecraft with mineos Turnkey for quite a while now and must say that i love it!

I used to have a shell script to backup / create a restore point and prune all backups and restore points older than 30 days. Now that there is no more and the scheduling option has been added with backup and restore possibilities i was wondering if you’re going to add a prune option?

If not perhaps i can use the javascript console? I’m not afraid of googleing java code but if you could point me in the right direction?

Again thanks for your work.

I would recommend uploading the script and connect to the shell and add a crontab entry to run your script.
As you noticed, the restore point scheduling is available in the webui, but pruning is easily done via a script.

I do this to update my overviewer map which I host on the same server.

The nodejs version has an equivalent: mineos_console.js. Just like it’s python counterpart, this .js file can be executed from the command line or from a shell script to call prune.

The ‘step’ argument in the Node version is equivalent to the Python version, which is 5B, 14B, etc…

Oh, and one other thing: MineOS is merely a front-end for rdiff-backup. An rdiff-backup directory is still an rdiff-backup directory, whether or not is is created and appended to by MineOS. This also means that 100% of your pruning can occur without even using mineos_console.js–you can do it simply with:

rdiff-backup --force --remove-older-than 5B /var/games/minecraft/backup/myserver

Because that is literally what MineOS does to make it work in the first place.

Thanks for reply’‘s.
It’‘s actually very easy then. i just have to change the .py to .js. At least that’'s what i make up from your link to the mineos_consol.js link hexparrot. Switches are still the same? Like -s etc.

You can use the turnkey GUI for this as well. Please see my post in the following thread… (Managing Archives and Backups)

Hope this helps.