Scheduled archives a ticking time bomb

Is their a way to make archives save to the hard drive instead of the ram.

I did not know there was a way to save Archives to ram. Is there a way? Tell me.

P.S. All my Archives save to the disk the MineOS is located, by default.

I don’t know whenever i do archives they save to the ram and they slowly add up to used insane amount of ram

WOW, never did I hear of such a thing.

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Wait, did you say you have scheduled archives?

How is this? By script? Did you “take root” ?

Archives do not save to ram.
Archives create a tar-ball (.tgz) file, and saves it under /var/games/archive/servername.

I have also observed balooning of RAM, but usually this is due to Java beeing crap at housecleaning. Java very often drops or “forget” to release used RAM when it is done with it.

You can both check ram and clear it with these commands:
free -m sync echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches free -m

free -m lists used memory, and is first and last so that you can see that RAM has been cleared.

I like It! Thanks!

But this guy Justin_Vitale still has a problem if he is not saving archives as a tar-ball (.tgz) file, and saves it under /var/games/archive/servername.

Why he is not is another question.

Why he thinks he is saving archives to memory is another.

And why he claims a scheduled archives cron job is a ticking time bomb if none of those things are happening.

all wrong in its own way i guess, lol.

If he uses The webUI’s archive function he is not saving to RAM.That function is hard-coded in the MineOS system to save to one spesific location.

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There’s no such thing as ‘saving to RAM’. All functions in MineOS–all of them–save to the filesystem.

Likewise, when you make backups (“restore points”), they save to /var/games/backup/servername.

Java at times can seem bad at housekeeping, but actually more often it’s Minecraft/mods’ fault for leaking memory; the amount of work put in to making Java work properly absolutely dwarfs the amount of time and effort put into testing Minecraft and third-player mods.

One other thing…sometimes the MineOS webui starts ballooning in memory; this is caused by enormous worlds and using old commits.

But we can’t know without more information. In the command line, use the command top which will actually list where all the memory is being used–if it’s Java/Minecraft, then you just need to restart your Minecraft servers (or potentially your host system if it’s a bad leak).