/say /help commands not working

title says it all. when I type /say or /help it says:

“[02:32:01] [Server thread/INFO]: Unknown command. Type “/help” for help.”

I even copy and pasted the “/help” from the output just to see and it came back with unknown command.

Running spigot.

Is this in the console in MineOS? Or inGame?

If it is in the console, just drop the /. You only need that one inGame

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oh… stupid question day for me apparently… I appreciate your patience… haha

That one is actually not self evident;) Minecraft tends to think that everything you do, you do inGame, so they spesify everything as if you fire off commands from the inGame chat console. Using the server console from outside the game (either by running the java manually, or byusing a launcher that opens a command window) is not mentioned a lot. You just kinda have to know (or guess).

Also: If you areasking, there are probably others out there also having the same problems. :slight_smile: