Running lolmewStats and Bluestats on a MineOS Server

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me.

Following problem, I have a dedicated Ubuntu 16.04 LTS machine at OVH with a self-installed MineOS Node Version. I want to open the query and connect lolmew’s stats plugin with BlueStats. The Bluestats installation is running on a seperate hoster through Hetzner.

In the installation process I can connect to the database but I get an error whenever I try to connect to my query-port.

Following BlueStats error pops up:

Notice: fwrite(): send of 7 bytes failed with errno=1 Operation not permitted in /usr/www/users/projeccb/stats/plugins/query/minecraftQuery.php on line 57
Server query failed

I used IP-Tables but deactivated them to test if this changes anything, it doesn’t.
The query.port is 25565, same as servers. The query is set to true.

I don’t really get why I get this error, if I need to provide further details. Please just ask.

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hi gunleader,

wow, a lot of stats stuff i will never use. wondering why it is required.

anyway since i know nothing about lolmew or blue stats i hope someone here can help.

until they do, i will point out the ports are almost all closed by default and it seems you noticed.

so i will also remind that MineOS permissions are almost all ‘user’ and not ‘root’ based.

that may mean that if your stats programs needs admin from MineOS before they will allow a ‘write’ and MineOS is trying to ‘write’ to the stats programs as ‘user’ or visa versa, wouldn’t the write then be denied as ‘Operation not permitted’?

it could be something to think about until someone else comes along.

good luck!



I am a media student and so tinkering with the backend is new and exciting and the players asked for some stats so I gave it a shot.
I thought about the write permissions too, but I don’t know how I can give the file ‘root’ permissions. It’s something with the chmod command, if I understood it right?

Thanks for your nice answer! :slight_smile:

hi gunleader,

welcome and anytime.

yes, it will have to do with chmod/ permissions.

i’m not really able to advise further and would probably help you break it, lol.

take care,