Run on a macbook pro as sole OS no VM

Im trying to figure out how to run the iso onto a 2010 15’ macbook pro and install it as its os, but no matter what formatting, type of computer used, and usb booting tool creator (rufus, unetbootin etcher, mac terminal, etc) it wont even show up, is it easier to get something like ubuntu server running and install from there? im struggling to even get it to show up as a bootable device.

Try holding down the super key aka “command” during boot (press and hold the key before turning on/starting the system) along with the drive connected, and you should see it appear as either being “Windows” or as being “EFI” or something along those lines, typically with an orange icon above it with a USB icon also on that orange icon (based upon my experience with Macs).

Well the default/official MineOS Debian “Jessie” distro has a live mode, so if that macbook pro will be used via Ethernet then I suggest you connect the Ethernet cable to it and try out the live mode to see if things work as they should (as in you can access the web ui or see a response in your browser, the system is able to obtain an IP address, etc) and if things work fine then it’s safe to just install that and if not then it would be somewhat easier though more complex at the same time to go another route.

If you will be using wireless however I would probably suggest you go with another Ubuntu-based distro with a GUI, one that’s lightweight and minimalist/minimalistic, such as Lubuntu, PeppermintOS, or even wattOS.

Definitely would recommend this. The ISO I spin up tries to have some good hardware support, but I’m not in control of it (or rather, I don’t modify it from what Turnkey Linux chooses), so often there will be hardware left out that somebody could want.

The scripts driving MineOS are nodejs based so basically any distro will work; if you find a well-supported distro, e.g., ubuntu, you can then follow the ubuntu instructions for MineOS to install it.