Run a utility on server start

Is it possible to setup mineos to run a command line utility when you tell it to start the server, but BEFORE it actually starts the server. specifically i have mapcrafter installed and setup to render my world to the apache webserver directory. I want to have mineos run that first then start the server so that the world files are not in use. I have my server set to restart every 6 hours so my map on the site would pretty much always be up to date if this is possible.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something that’s possible. MineOS starts up upon full boot, but is limited in activity to currently build-in functionality, such as start/backup, etc.; it doesn’t have anything in it that can just run arbitrary commands.

I suppose one way you could accomplish this is if you can instead create a script that renders the world, while MineOS does not start the server automatically.

Then, after the mapcrafter completes, start the server with -s servername start.

this works perfectly, wish i could tie it all together in mineos but starting the server from my shell script to run mapcrafter works just fine.