Root access for changing files over (S)FTP

Hi again,
I’m currently having 2 issues: 1. Creating a Forge server, and 2. Stopping of my servers through the webui and it being unresponsive.
Let’s put 2 aside for now, so my question is, how do I get into FTP with root access?
In an old version of MineOS this wasn’t an issue, but now I just can’t edit certain files.

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Please see: Root login - MineOS in the wiki. Enabling root access however, isn’t recommended as it is by default disabled for security reasons.

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Please also see: Update MineOS for issue 2.

As root, in Turnkey console:

cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git merge origin/master
npm install --all
apt-get update

Good Luck!



Thanks for answering that question, I had just updated it and was going to test it when I got home from school.
Although I didn’t add the --all argument, will this make a difference?


There isn’t really a reason to use the ‘--all’ being that you’ll either be updating the WebUI or you’ll be updating+resetting it. It just adds extra steps/takes longer for no reason whatsoever being that it’s now recompiling things that haven’t changed/don’t need to be recompiled.

I better clarify then.

Some time ago I had an issue that was not resolved with npm install.

The issue was resolved after I added the --all command so since then it has been my default notes and mostly harmless. As jaymontana36 points out could be useless too. No expert here.

What was the issue? I’m not sure exactly because I did not write it down I see. My feeling is it had to do with a certificate or updating a certificate that was driving me nuts. (Easy to do, btw.)