Reverse option for the log in the node web ui

A Reverse option for the log view, in the node web ui like the option in the python based one.



I actually remember a few people not understanding how reverse worked from the Python webui, because some Minecraft logs took up more than one line…and then they were reversed and therefore hard to read.

The original reason for the reverse option was so that people could see the output from their typing, but I’ve addressed this by actually putting a textbox at the top and bottom of the console panel, so you still can get live updates as you type to the console.

Is it something specific from the reverse you still thing the webui could benefit from, in particular?

The option to be able to have the log come in at the top of the page with new things, so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the latest stuff


Or how about an option to show us the bottom of the log when we goto the log page… then the reverse option would not be needed. Since you have the input at the bottom.