Restore points corrupting world files? Also Feature Request

So I think that I had a world corrupted by restore points, I can’t say this for certain but I went back a wee bit on my restore points and from then on the server has been acting like it’s corrupt, ie chunk in wrong place errors in the console then crashes. I saw a fix to clear player data and that has helped with specific people crashing it when they join. I have also deleted the chunk file that seems to be causing the problem but it keeps reappearing. Has anyone else had this happen?

Feature request part -

  1. An auto-start feature where it starts the server on a crash with the java version that was last used.
  2. (this one will be more difficult to implement) world integrity checker, to make sure world files are healthy and not corrupt. Something like this ( in the web-UI

Thanks, really love the Mineos software,