Restore not working

I can’t rollback to a point before the crash today, I have tried many times and I always end up with map with no builds on it, would like to try command line rollback would need help on what to type

Did you stop the server before the restore attempts?

If not, that could cause issues.

That said, the webui already does “command line” rollback. The webui fashions the exact line you might type at a command line:

rdiff-backup --restore-as-of 2B --force /var/games/backup/myserver /var/games/minecraft/myserver

If you’re interested in seeing the restore steps in command line:

rdiff-backup --list-increment-sizes /var/games/backup/myserver

See also the rdiff-backup manual for further functionality.

A possible explanation could also be that Minecraft didn’t commit the stuff you’re expecting to see to disk. Minecraft has been notorious for not committing to disk many parts of the world until a) chunk unloading, b) server stop, c) save-all.

Thanks it’s good to know how to do it via command line, my issues was my ISP, they fixed the bad cable I had coming into my house. Still rebuilding the servers from the corrupt files I got from the internet not working right. The reason the servers went down was lack of space on the HDD and I can’t seem to squeeze more then 4% free right now. Is there a command or quick simple button that will clean up logs, and error logs that I can’t see from webui? I know the error log for mySQL is 4.5 GB just can’t seem to figure out how to delete, flush or what ever it would take to clear it up, along with other system log files have large size