Restart Feature for the Physical server

A way to shutdown/restart physical server from the web-ui?

If at all possible

Technically possible, but likely out of the scope of what I want the webui to do.

The webui runs as root, so from a technical perspective, it’s very easy to implement. The question then becomes ‘how does the webui know when it should allow a reboot command from a user?

Normal, unprivileged users don’t have the capability to restart a server from SSH, so it seems imprudent they should also be able to do it from a webui. In addition–and especially with the integration of the webui as a FreeNAS plugin–the reboot command is especially irrelevant in the context of jails.

For the most part, restarting of the host shouldn’t happen very frequently. And when it does, it probably is within reason to be initiated via the main console or SSHing as root. In the end, I think that it’s a more responsible design decision to leave restarting of the host to the manual process it currently is, rather than add to the webui.

I use the “other” webui to restart it. I guess I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s installed at, from there you can shell in as root and execute command shutdown -r now. However, I would throw my two cents in to say it would be nice to have this in the main webui, only because with a modded server, things go awry often and the servers stop listening to the webui. A restart always fixes it. Not critical, but would be nice.

It’s called webmin. And actually yesterday I wrote up a new piece of code that utilizes mineos.conf, which didn’t exist before. It is fairly plausible for me to make the reboot option not there by default, but add-able by an attribute like… allow_reboot_from_webui = true, which seems like a good compromise between me not having it there (in general) and it still being available to those who want it. I’ll continue looking into this today.

I would like to second a call for this feature addition.

Right now im having to manually reboot each 12 hours,
(This because the samsung SSD’s arent trimming properly and i cant afford a replacement)

after reboot the server runs two commands, one to restart the mumble server.
and one to do a manual trim (trim is broken badly with these drives sigh - they are blacklisted)

so generally this should not be needed, but its nice for both memmory cleanup and SSD workour around in my case.

Isn’t the effort required in having to log into a webui to reboot not much different than logging into Webmin to reboot, or the CLI to reboot?

The only difference is that two of those are available now, and the one involving MineOS requires me to write more code.

yes I have finally grown up and learned how to make the restart code work on the base machine use crontabs.

for the last year ive been staring blindly at crontabs and just not gotten it. i have no idea why.
then one day it just clicked. and now ive got everything i need automated,

so I am sorry for the newb requests that i do make. this has been solved.
now all i need is stable hardware!

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