Resize MineOS partition (/dev/sda1)

I use VMware vCenter to manage my ESXi hosts which has all my virtual machines including Mineos. It has been plain sailing for the most part after setting up my original VM and have been running a FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6.0 Server for me and a few friends fine. However its come a time where I need to expand the disk space available to the VM as it has run out. I have changed the HDD size to 32GB on vCenter and it shows up fine as you can see here:

But I need to expand my /dev/sda1 parition to make use of this space. Also I’m not sure what the Extended and swap are for, I have a minimal amount of experience with Linux so please be fairly specific in aiding me, thanks for the great software and your help :slight_smile:



Extending partition size:

Before you try extending your partitons; take a really good backup of everything. Just enlarging your VM-disk size is basically the same as putting in a larger disk. It do not immediately give you more space available, since the OS and partitiontables are not told to use it. They are told the original size. Resizing a partition while it contains data is quite risky, and if anything goes wrong you risk loosing all data. You are after all modifying the partition tables containg all theinfo of how the logical drives are placed and how big they are. Ifa nything goes wrong there, and you lose stuff…

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