Rename server in web gui

I think a function to rename the server would be good

This is not really easily feasibly, since the server nave is connected to the MineOS’s filestructure. (It would need MineOS to rename several folders, making sure everything is OK,then refreshing it’s server list, and handling the sudden movement of lots of files from one address to another in memory.

So to allow renaming would really mean rewriting MineOS to use another way of sorting servers, thenusing a list of pointers to point to the current server name. It would also mean that manual traversal of the file structure to do manual tasks would be a bit more complicated.

There is one easy workaround to rename a server:

  1. Create an archive copy.
  2. move the archive copy file to the import directory
  3. chose “import server”, and give it your new name
  4. delete the old server instance
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