Remote SQL connection

I trying to connect to my MineOS server via HeidiSQL using the intranet, and my guess I need to add a user to my server of the same name of the SQL user that the plugins use? Or can I edit these database using the mc account? If I have to add another user best way to do so that user don’t need to be accessed from the internet. Found this info on adding users;

useradd -g games -s /bin/bash mcusertwo
chmod -R g+w /home/mc
chmod -R g+w /var/www/hiawatha
chmod -R g+w /usr/games/minecraft

What is your goal here? I feel like I have an idea, but the route you’re exploring with chmod suggests to me I’m not understanding what your aim is.

I’m not familiar with HeidiSQL, but upon looking it up I see that it is simply a SQL client. MineOS Turnkey comes with MySQL installed, but also MineOS and MySQL are entirely independent–so connecting HeidiSQL need not be aware of anything that MineOS does at all.

If you’re using MineOS Turnkey, you’re using a rebranded Debian distro, which means any Debian tutorials on how to configure MySQL will work for you and HeidiSQL. A quick google search will return many results like this.

You’ll notice the instructions start roughly at apt-get install mysql-server–because that’s pretty much all MineOS did, too. From there, you can log into the mysql client (and also instructions for resetting the password are also on that page).

There needn’t be any matching usernames between MineOS (Linux) and MySQL. They are separate and uninvolved. Whatever username you create for MySQL can be used with any username for Linux because they don’t depend on each other in that way.

I just want to be able to read or maybe edit my SQL database from my Windows PC and the MIneOS server on same network in my home… So you saying I need another user with same name as user that created the SQL databases I want to connect too. The chmod was something I found online on creating second user on MineOS didn’t seem right.

There are several ways to do that. I am also unfamiliar with heidiSQL, but have used MySQL’s different tools, and PHPMyAdmin. In common for most remotemanagement tools for databases is that you connect them using thw adress (IP or FQN) and a username and password spesified in the database. Databases do not (or seldomly do) use the system user management, but comes with their own. So to connect to MineOS’s MySQL Base you need the IPadress for your MineOS server on your LAN, and the username and password for MySQL (not the MineOS user).

More info on MySQL on Mineos here: MineOS | mineos-node

Another way to put it: Linux user names and MySQL user names are separate and completely independent; they are two separate lists.

For clarity, you should create a new MySQL user name that is not the same username or password as your Linux user.