Remote monitoring software


Im not sure if this has already been asked or not as i couldnt see anything about it but i was wondering if there was any way of monitoring temps and usage of the system remotely as the system is in a different part of the house and it would be nice to just keep an eye on things

Thanks, Jay

Not sure if what you are looking for exactly, but I had installed a few CLI packages Then SSHed into the server as a monitoring account.
Some tools I used were: tmux, speedometer, htop and df. I would launch tmux, and split my screen. Then run the tools in a nested watch command.
It’s not a GUI or deamon setup, nor did I have a time to create a launch script. but I believe that can be done.

i shall look into that cheers

how would i go about installing these to the system? Sorry for the newb questions

Depending on the distribution, you would use the system package managers. Some common ones are apt-get, yum, and dnf.

If you’re using MineOS Turnkey, then you’re using a Debian-based system, which means apt-get:

apt-get install htop

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You’ll first need to installl using whichever package your distro uses.
tmux has a lot of features the is not conducive for this forum, but this link should get you started: tmux guide. An item I failed to mention is free.
Once opened, you can have the tools running.
Similarly, these other tools have specific syntax that is explained in the -help or man pages.

To summarize:
tmux splits the terminal screen
htop views the processes
speedometer monitors the network
df checks disk space
free reports the memory usage

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