Remote Backup to Cloud

I am running MineOS on an old laptop with a hard drive that isn’t all that reliable. I would like to have a backup of the server to Google Drive every hour or so.

The closest thing I found in this forum was this post describing how to sync with AWS.

Before trying out MineOS, I usually host the server on a Windows device where the folder is connected and automatically synced by Google’s Backup and Sync. Would it be possible to achieve something like this on MineOS? I’ve seen suggestions on forums to use rsync but am unsure where to start.

i used an offsite back up company that had a linux client. my mineos backed up my servers directory every night. they charged me 5 bucks a month plus .25c per gig iirc, i was paying 6 something a month after tax


Thanks for the reply, Dave. Could you tell me a little more about that and how I would go about setting it up? Cheers.

it would depend on what backup service you would use. they would have specific instructions on how to install their client. then you just setup a schedule in the client to back up your /var/games/minecraft/servers directory


If you can mount the cloud drive (google drive or equivalent) you have several options, like symlinking to the archive or backup direcotry, or setting up a cron job to automatically backing up to the mounted drive:

I for my part symlink in a mounted shared drive from a larger RAID-6 server drive group

Thank you for the suggestions! I will check out the link and have a go at it.