Refresh Time

Hello, With My New Server BungeeCoord With MineOS, When I Refresh The List The Other Servers Appear Like Instantly and Mine Delays 5-6seconds why this happens?

How Can I Solve IT?

Can you let me know specifically which servers (the software and version) are showing up delayed?

Delayed responses are usually a factor if the API behind that server are either too new or too old than the protocol they’re getting queried at. This means it could be a programmatic issue on my end, but I’ll need to be able to reproduce it; it could be something else too.

Let us know if there’s anything in /var/log/mineos.log

Well, my server list also takes a few seconds to show all servers, depending on what device I’m using, but hey at least they all do show up. Whenever I’m using my laptop it will take as much as 10 seconds to show all servers however from my desktop the list shows up instantly. The server list loading time will sometimes take longer than 10 seconds to load (but that’s only when I have a bunch of stuff open on my laptop but for my desktop it’s almost always instant, if not then it’s a 1 or 2 seconds delay).

Oh and it also defers depending on my location and movement speed when I’m outside (since there’s literally Wi-Fi everywhere I go when I’m outside, provided by my ISP, but when moving fast like in a car or bus or something, you’ll constantly be disconnecting and reconnecting again…sometimes it seems to transfer you from one AP to another so you don’t disconnect but that doesn’t always happen in time due to speed) But if I’m standing in one place it’ll load in the same amount of time as if I were at home loading it.

The server is the latest bungeecoord, and how can i make it default server?

i want players that when they join via this ip 178.165.etc join the bungee coord no other server

That’s not how BungeeCord works; BungeeCord is NOT a Minecraft server, it simply manages and routes Minecraft clients between different servers that are listed in it’s configuration if they’re available.

You would need a lobby /server to do that, then y would transport to the other servers.